What is VeeQuest?
Co-creating a new VeeCon-inspired character as a community.

What is VeeQuest?

@veetrashnft How VeeTrash started and our vision to build a community character to give @Gary Vaynerchuk #veecon #veecon2022 #veeconditioningsaturday #veecontest #veeconcept #garyvee ♬ original sound - Vee Trash

VeeQuest is a community project, inspired from VeeCon1.0, where the attendees help co-create a beautiful new character.

Creativity and innovation can come from anywhere and everywhere if you can open your mind and look for possibilities.

Inspired by Gary’s hyper-positive mindset and harnessing the power of creativity, we as the VeeCon1.0 community can invent an entirely new beautiful character... from physical items to meta-characters.

We are understanding and sharing the power of web3 in real-time.

What is more positive than that? It's a community-wide quest for the best characters created from inanimate objects at VeeCon.

We are CREATORS! So let's create something together.

Record yourself finding inspiration from something…anything at VeeCon. Post a Tik Tok or Reel of it and Tag VeeQuest on Tik Tok.

Submit your character and their story to the form below, and the entire VeeCon community will vote for the top VeeQuest character.

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How it works

1. Find something awesome

Anything you find at VeeCon is fair game (no stealing). Video yourself with it, and think of what character you can develop from it.

2. Tik Tok / Reel it and tag @VeeTrashNFT

Video yourself picking up a piece of trash at VeeCon. Post it on Tik Tok or Instagram and Tag @VeeTrashNFT.

(sorry for the "VeeTrashNFT" handle... our idea came from a piece of trash, but we wanted to change to VeeQuest to make it more positive)

3. Vote

With the intention to gift this back to Gary to thank him for inspiring our community to create, the community will then vote to find the top 5 characters, which will then be narrowed to one. Together, we can bring this character to life!


Befriending Bottlecap

The Object

dont' overthink it! Find something and video yourself!
@veequest Befriending bottlecap is our first character! #veecon #garyvee #garyvaynerchuk #veecon2022 ♬ original sound - VeeQuest

The Story

Billy the Bottlecap like to spin negatives into positives and loves to make new friends. He is a "bottle half full" kinda guy.

(Don't worry about the character art, that will happen later)


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Affectionate Akita

Michael Walters

Always looking to bring you up and full of joy, Affectionate Akita is by your side day and night, outside and inside showering you with love.

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Befriending Bottlecap

Braden Mosley

Befriending Bottlecap like to spin negatives into positives. He is a "bottle half full" kinda guy.

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Debbie Drink Orr


Limited edition Captain Morgan Drink Orr - she was born to help you with Confidence, loosen up

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Submit your character

Thanks for creating a character with this amazing community! Follow @VeeTrashNFT on Tik Tok to follow along!
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